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Where Can I Buy A Folding Wagon

We assembled and tested several of the most popular folding wagons on the market to see how they perform. Ahead, learn about the criteria we used to sort through more than three dozen highly rated products and scores of customer reviews in search of the best folding wagons.

where can i buy a folding wagon

Sure, many are eager to conquer their sunny-day carting issues with the best folding wagon, but rather than purchasing one at random, take a few minutes to learn what factors and features make for a superior model. Keep in mind how a folding wagon steers, how much it can hold, and a few other considerations to help make the right choice.

How well a wagon steers has a lot to do with its functionality, especially when navigating crowded areas such as a grocery store or busy parking lot. Many manufacturers of the best folding wagons make maneuverability a top priority.

Some modern wagons, particularly those meant for shuffling kids to-and-fro, also feature push handles. These modern versions operate in the same way traditional strollers do and can make moving a pair of little ones and all their toys a simple proposition.

The best folding wagons should collapse easily into a compact package without requiring a 10-step process. Almost all models feature pull tabs on the bottom of the wagon. A simple tug should allow the user to fold up the wagon, clearing fabric from pinch points along the way. Then, from the folded position, simply spread the ends apart and push down on the center of the floor to assemble the wagon for use.

The best folding wagons are both rugged and lightweight, enabling most users to lift them in and out of a vehicle without strain. Some weigh less than 25 pounds thanks to lightweight materials used for the frame, fabric interiors, and wheels.

However, we also understood that some folks are specifically interested in a rugged and safe all-terrain carrier for children. We found that the Veer folding wagon offers superior safety and outstanding craftsmanship to keep little ones safe and comfortable during long days exploring the wilds or visiting the city.

To gauge the usefulness of folding wagons, we assembled, loaded, and tested each one and scored them based on a testing rubric. The first part of the rubric compared measurable physical features such as cargo volume, weight capacity, wheel size, and handle length. The second part of the rubric scored performance based on subjective observations, such as ease of use.

Even if you have your eye on one of the best folding wagons we tested, you might still want more info. Below is a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions about folding wagons, so see if our answers tell you what you need to know.

The weight of a folding wagon depends on the specific model. Typically, a folding wagon will weigh about 20 to 40 pounds. Wagons made of aluminum tend to be lighter than steel models but may sacrifice some overall durability.

Traditional wagons fail terribly at the beach, but the lightweight nature of a folding wagon paired with oversize tires will allow you to haul a cooler, towels, sunscreen, and other gear across dry sand with relative ease.

For most wagons, just reverse the opening procedure. Typically, wagons have a pull tab on the bottom of the wagon. A gentle tug will unlock the frame, allowing you to easily collapse it down to a tight package.

We bought a very similar wagon at Costco for about half the price- but it does not have the folding tray for drinks and tacos. It is, however, miles better than the plastic wagon we had, and the wheels make it so much easier to pull, and the folding feature is wonderful for garage space.

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Radio Flyer folding wagons feature an innovative fold up design that makes them highly portable and easy to store. Convenient features and quick-fold capabilities make these collapsible wagons perfect for on-the-go. Folding wagons are also great as yard carts, doubling as a great gardening asset for gardening with kids. Learn more about our folding wagons for toddlers here.

Typically, beach carts are smaller than wagons. Whereas carts have a stand-up design with two wheels, beach wagons tend to be larger and sturdier, handle more weight and volume, and roll on four wheels.

Some beach wagons allow you to separate the fabric from the frame to hose it down for easy cleaning. Scrub any areas of dirt with a wet cloth, or use a brush with some detergent for tougher stains. Hose down outdoors, and allow to air dry.

In the absence of a boardwalk or walking path to help get situated on the beach, it can prove challenging to wheel wagons on the sand. Make it easier by picking one with large treaded wheels that better maneuver on soft sand.

The wagon, which comes in blue, purple or red, has adjustable push and pull handles, a removable canopy, two mesh front pockets, one mesh pocket in the carriage and one-step folding and unfolding. There is no assembly required and it has a weight limit of 150 pounds.

If you need something a bit different, you can find other Wonderfold wagons for sale as well right now, like this Original Double Stroller Wagon, which is currently marked down to $289 (from $359) on Amazon.

This heftier wagon features two face-to-face seats, five-point harnesses, an adjustable push handle and a removable ultraviolet-protection canopy. The wagon also comes with extra storage on all sides including a detachable rear basket, back panel pocket and seat pouch.

Parents will also love the dual sun canopies with air-flow panel and peek-a-boo window, seat recline, height-adjustable leatherette handlebar, included stroller organizer, and the all-wheel suspension system. This wagon's compact fold is a game changer for families that want a stroller/wagon but are short on vehicle trunk space, or storage space in their homes.

We already own a plastic Step 2 wagon, so I hesitated to buy this one, but decided the folding style might be easier to throw in the back of the vehicle for day trips or for camping when we get back into it. At 2 and 4, my kids are just about out of the stroller stage but still get tired when there is a lot of walking involved. Add on the diaper bags and coolers I usually end up lugging around and a wagon becomes a definite necessity.

The first essential you may need for your next camping trip is a backpack. This is a great way to carry some of your essentials. Being able to just throw your bag on your back makes it more efficient for you, especially if you might be doing a lot of walking to get to your campsite. For the the lake, you'll need a canvas tote bag. The cotton canvas tote bag has a durable bottom, and its handles are reinforced so it can support a heavy load, making it the perfect beach bag to carry your laptop or whatever you require. The material of the bag is water-resistant which protects it and keeps your things from getting wet. Utility wagons are great for loading up all your necessities like food, tents, and sleeping bags, etc. The Utility wagon has all-terrain wheels. This portable utility wagon has a sturdy collapsible wagon with a quick and easy set-up. This folding wagon packs away compactly and sets up easily.

The fusion camping chair is an outdoor portable chair. It is a camping chair that could be used as a beach chair, and even a lawn chair for relaxation. The chair is lightweight enough to be easily portable yet strong enough to hold up to 350 lbs. This folding backpack chair has its own cooler. Another great essential is the portable folding picnic table with seats--this pop-up camping table for you has a durable frame, basket weave seats and solid ABS plastic tabletop. It has an umbrella hole, and this table is highly portable and compact with a fold-away design. This will be great to have for the family to sit together and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at. 041b061a72

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