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Women's Prison V1.0.3.rar __EXCLUSIVE__

Modified/New Feature: Movement IconsGone are the days of Movement Traits! They were intended as a placeholder and served their purpose well, but it is now time for the grand reveal of...Movement Icons!Instead of the tried and true traits taking tons of topography in your slaves panel, the icon will now appear next to the specialization icon in the Slave panel as well as on your slave's character sheet in battle.All icons were made by me (so...sorry about that if you dislike them) in Kisekae. There are separate icons for men and woman (futa will use the women's icons), clothed vs naked (naked checks for if 2 of the 3 areas between chest, ass, and genitals are exposed), and varying degrees of pregnancy/swelling (women only for now unless heavily requested otherwise).Backwards Compatibility SHOULD theoretically work, but to make the icons display the actual reason for the modified movement (ie: tits oversized, swollen, energy low, etc) I had to add another variable into the person class. Worst case, if your save game complains about it, add into your savegame "movementreasons = []" for each active person. Should fix it up right as rain.

Women's Prison v1.0.3.rar

Download File:

Every 120 hours, a random value between 0 and 100 (0...99) gets rolled and saved, let's call it "x". Once you defeat a unique spawn, the leader will be captured if x + (prisoner_management_skill * 5) >= 60. In case of lords, the value "x" is rolled after each battle per lord, so the chance to capture them isn't prerolled.

1) For Aeldarian and Ithilrandir giving you their Duskfall and Havathang respectively, find the line that starts with dlga_prisoner_chat_sig3:prisoner_chat_threat_retire.1, and replace it with this:

By default - once a day - Eyegrim the Devourer converts 100% of his living party members (gained from rescued prisoners) and 25% of his prisoners into undead troops. Due to this, his growth rate may surpass that of any other unique spawn, given the circumstances. Up to around 5000 undead troops overall.

2) Eyegrim the Devourer's party has a soft cap at 5000 by default. If his army gets any bigger then the set amount, then it will stop growing and human prisoners will be gradually consumed (eaten) instead. To change this party limit, adjust the two values of 5000 in the above piece together.

3) Also, you can make Eyegrim's army grow only from rescued prisoners. To do so, delete the parts in red (4 pieces) and decrease the operation counter at the beginning of the script by 43 (116 -> 73).

Change the highlighted troops above to your liking! To do that, open up the Troops Editor within Morgh's Editor, find the entry number of the unit of your choice, then add this number to the "troop constant" which is 360287970189639680 and put the resulting number into the place of the respective troop code (e.g. Mercenary Warrior is #59, 360287970189639680 + 59 = 360287970189639739). You may also add further troops (or remove them) by following the pattern of the 3 above pieces and adding them one after the other repeatedly, separated by 1 gap from each side, with the necessary adjustments made to the troop codes. The piece for garrisoned troops need to start with 1610, while 1611 is for prisoners. Lastly, don't forget to adjust the highlighted operation counter (19), by the amount of pieces added or removed:

When someone takes you prisoner, they take 1-5 of your items and 1/4 to 1/10 of your gold. You also lose all your troops. If you manage to defeat the party that has looted you, all the taken items with their modifiers will be guaranteed to appear in the battle loot, so you can take them back. But gold and troops are lost forever. With this tweak, you can remove the gold and item penalties.

By default, the rent from the walled fiefs you own are barely enough to pay for the garrison, or not even enough for that, despite that you regularly update the fief with improvements and keep it prosperous. While people on the streets keep telling you how big of a business owning the town's economy is... Furthermore, the profits from winning tournaments and selling captured prisoners far outweigh the rents. This is just unfair. Therefore, this tweak will add an additional rent to the base you get, depending on the prosperity and the type of fief. The base income formula should better not be rewritten, because there are fief improvements that heavily rely on it (e.g. tax collector office), which would lose their purpose. With this tweak, you'll get compensated as follows:

With this tweak, you will no longer have to worry about not finding a ransom broker in time to sell your prisoners, since any tavernkeeper will buy them too for the same prices! The ending of the conversation won't be perfect though (I_will_be_staying_here_for_a_few_days._Let_me_know_if_you_need_my_services.), however nothing can be done without hurting the hint on ransom broker's travelling behaviour. If you still want to change that conversation, then just search for it as it is above in conversation.txt (you'll only find 1 instance of it) and change it to your liking. Note however that the same ending reply will be used for all ransom brokers too.

With this tweak, whenever you choose the "sell all your prisoners" option upon talking to ransom brokers, not only the prisoners from your party will get sold, but also the ones from the garrison of the given town. That is, if the town belongs to you of course.

Every 48 hours, prisoner lords will try to escape from your party or garrison. For escaping from your party, the chance is 40% for each lord with 0 Prisoner Management, and 20% with 10 Prisoner Management. For escaping from one of your garrisons, the chance is 20% for each lord if your steward's Prisoner Management skill is at 0, and 10% once your steward's Prisoner Management skill gets trained to 10. Having a Prison Tower built in the given fief halves the overall escape chances (so the chances will become 10% and 5% respectively). The scale is linear between these limits.

The chance of a prisoner lord escaping from your party (in %) is (400 - 20*yourPrisonerManagementSkill)/10. Change both 20 and 400 to 0 to disable lords from escaping from your party. Or just reduce these values to your liking.

The chance of a prisoner lord escaping from prison (in %, without a prison tower) is (200 - 10*Steward'sPrisonerManagementSkill)/10. Change both 10 and 200 to 0 to disable lords from escaping from prison. Or just reduce these values to your liking.

4) You can also forbid lords to escape from captivity if their health is below a given percentage. To do so, open scripts.txt, find the script called randomly_make_prisoner_heroes_escape_from_party and increase the counter at the beginning of its body by 2 (46 -> 48). Then find this piece:

Using this tweak will let you talk to a lord sitting in a dungeon of another lord, and if your relation with the fief's owner is above 35 and you have enough money (4000 denars to buy a lord and 8000 to buy a king), then you will be able to buy this lord/king. He will be added to your party as a prisoner and your money will be transferred to the fief's owner.

This tweak will allow you to convert ex-claimants that became lords to your own kingdom the same way you can convert any other lord by talking to him when he is your prisoner. For this to happen, you first have to put a claimant to the throne, and then leave from his service and/or let his kingdom get defeated. Then the claimant will switch to another faction (unlike the original kings, who will go into exile when that happens).

-Features-Different from many other prison management games that focus on oppression or escape, oppression is strictly illegal and what inmate would want to escape from a 5-star hotel? Even though all the inmates are extremely horny, er, I mean, lovely ladies, you will have to, like, actually get to know them, and stuff. Not only for your sake of not being transferred, but for theirs as well. 041b061a72

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