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The Rainbow And The Worm: The Physics Of Organisms Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

The accompanying download contains high resolution movie files of the organisms that inspired the book - taken from a polarizing light microscope: Drosophila, Daphnia and Artemia available here

The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms download

Mae-Wan Ho, Ph.D., is best known for her pioneering work on the physics of organisms and sustainable systems; she is also a critic of genetic engineering biotechnology and neo-Darwinism. She is director and cofounder of the Institute of Science in Society ( and editor-in-chief and art director of its trend-setting quarterly magazine Science in Society.

In line with our results, Antonopoulou et al. [20] reported that T. molitor meal replacement affected the dominant intestinal phyla less in rainbow trout than in sea bream and sea bass. In contrast, there are several evidences that FM replacement with insect meal from black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae positively modulates gut microbiota of rainbow trout by increasing the proportion of lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which are generally considered as beneficial microorganisms and frequently used as probiotics in fish and other vertebrates diet [18, 19, 56].

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