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Google TV: Sony And Logitech Announce Products

The Google TV platform was provided by Google to OEMs for incorporation into their consumer products. The first generation of consumer devices were produced by Logitech and Sony. The second generation of consumer devices were produced by Sony,[31] LG (see LG L9 SoC), Vizio,[32] Hisense, NetGear and Asus. The third generation of consumer devices was announced by LG at 2013 International CES, with the announcement of their TV models.

Google TV: Sony And Logitech Announce Products


Smart TV has landed. Logitech has announced a full line of products to allow users to make the most of Google TV, including what used to be referred to as a set-top box with a specially designed keyboard controller, a high definition camera that fits on top of the HD television and a smartphone app that will turn an iPhone, iPad or any Android device into a system remote. Users will already need to have a HD television, a satellite or cable provider and a broadband line to benefit from the unit and accessories, but can then look forward to additional online content played through the TV and seamless search across all available programming.

Computer peripheral company Logitech has today announced that it is acquiring popular audio company Jaybird. Jaybird, for those unfamiliar, has released a variety of headphone products over recent years, most of which have been wireless. Logitech says the deal is worth $50 million in cash, with an additional earn-out of up to $45 million based on achievement of growth targets over the next two years.

Logitech, maker of the popular Harmony series of remotes, announced in a blog post today that it is partnering with Google-owned Nest for deeper integration between their respective products. Logitech says that owners of the latest Harmony remotes can now have all of their entertainment devices automatically power off when a Nest Protect alert begins to sound.

Logitech's announcement that it has ceased production of Harmony marked an important milestone in the decline of a once critical product category, the universal remote control. For almost two decades the iconic clicker has tamed over-abundances of remotes on coffee tables the world over. But why would one of the most widely loved and objectively successful products just shut down? Sure, universal remotes often arrived into our living-rooms as mere accessories to more important devices in our home audio/video systems. But of all of our electronics, the universal remote control is the one we held in our hands as we'd lovingly wipe away the Cheeto dust and sometimes search for in the couch cushions. What does the loss of Harmony say about the ever-changing consumer electronics market itself, and where do we go from here?

CES 2022 hasn't been any different, and we've seen it announce new products for the TV space as well as mobile products. The company has confirmed it will "upgrade its entire lineup of TVs" this year. We don't have a huge amount of detail on all of that.

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