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Are You The One - Season 5

This season featured 2 big changes. When a couple gets sent into the truth booth to see if they are a perfect match, the rest of the house can either vote to see if they are a perfect match, or earn $150,000, and not see the result of the couple. This only will pertain to certain weeks. Also, if the house blacks out at a match-up ceremony, their money will decrease by 50% each time instead of $250,000.

Are You the One - Season 5

Alicia Wright, Andre Siemens, Derrick Henry, and Taylor Selfridge appeared on the first season of Ex on the Beach.[13] Shannon Duffy appeared on the third season.[14] Tyranny Todd appeared on the fourth season.[15]

Following filming, Hammer says she felt "disrespected" after she was never contacted by anyone from Lighthearted Entertainment production or MTV about the assault. Fellow castmate Hayden Weaver emailed their MTV representative Lauren Zins alerting her to Hammer's assault and questioning the situation, to which Zins replied via email with "I am not a magician, I can't erase the past..." Since the story was released, MTV has taken the season off of streaming platforms and stated they "take these issues very seriously and have paused production/casting to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations, the third party production company and further review our internal safety protocols." Lighthearted Entertainment has denied these allegations, and claimed that "Throughout the eight seasons of the show, no contestant has reported an incident of sexual assault to Lighthearted." They also state they plan to cooperate with full transparency with any investigation.[23][24]

Are You the One? (often abbreviated as AYTO?) is an American reality television series featuring a group of men and women are secretly paired into couples via a matchmaking algorithm. While living together, the contestants try to identify all of these "perfect matches." If they succeed, the entire group shares a prize of up to $1 million. All couples in the first seven seasons were male-female, while in the eighth season a contestant's match could be someone of any gender.

Over the course of each season, the contestants go on dates with partners determined by competitions (or, in the seventh season only, by the "fate button"), and have the opportunity to learn in the "truth booth" if a given couple is a correct match. Once the truth booth confirms a perfect match, that couple will go to the honeymoon suite and will automatically be paired up for the remainder of the match ceremonies. At the end of each episode, the contestants pair up in a "matching ceremony" and learn how many perfect matches they have, but not which matches are correct.[1] From season 3 onward, the prize was reduced any time that the house failed to identify any matches other than those already confirmed via the truth booth.

On June 26, 2019, the eighth season began broadcasting on MTV.[2] This series was marked as the first to exclusively feature openly LGBT and sexually fluid contestants, a decision that was met with critical acclaim.[3][4][5]

On March 3, 2022, it was announced that the show would be revived as an international version by Paramount+.[6] On December 8, 2022, it was announced that Kamie Crawford would be the new host, and that the ninth season would premiere on January 18, 2023.[7]

Filmed in Kona, Hawaii. Season three premiered on September 24, 2015. This season had a rule change, if there is a "black out" at a matchup ceremony (meaning no beams of light other than already-confirmed matches) then the house gets $250,000 deducted from their prize.[12][13]

Filmed in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Season five premiered on January 11, 2017. This season featured 2 big changes. When a couple gets sent into the truth booth to see if they are a perfect match, the rest of the house can either vote to see if they are a perfect match, or earn $150,000, and not see the result of the couple. This only will pertain to certain weeks. Also, if the house blacks out at a match-up ceremony, their money will decrease by 50% each time instead of $250,000.[15]

Filmed in Kona, Hawaii, Hokukano Bayhouse. Season seven premiered on August 15, 2018. This season featured a change in the rules to get a date, the contestants no longer had to compete against each other to win a date. Instead, Terrance would choose two people, one guy and one girl, to come up and press a button stopping a scrolling wheel of faces at random of the opposite sex. Two guys and two girls would be chosen at random to go on a four-person date to couple off as they choose. Everyone back at the house then voted whichever couple they thought most likely to be a 'Perfect Match' into the Truth Booth.[17]

Filmed in Kona, Hawaii. Season eight premiered on June 26, 2019.[2] For the first time on Are You the One?, all cast members were bisexual, with no gender limitations on their potential perfect matches.[3][4] This season received a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program in 2020.[18]

On March 22, 2017, spin-off Are You The One: Second Chances[19] premiered. The series, filmed in Melbourne, Australia and hosted by Karamo Brown, featured ten perfect matches from previous seasons returning to compete in tasks designed to test the strength of their bonds. Each week, teams could add to their potential winnings, but individual contestants had the opportunity to take their team's winnings from their partner and remove their team from the game.[20]

Up until this point, winners from the four other seasons of the show had walked away with some amount of the $1 million prize money. Each season, producers dreamed up new ways of trying to make the game harder. For example, in the second season they had 10 men and 11 women, making two women race to figure out who their joint perfect match was. The first woman to successfully match up with him would get to remain in the house, the other faced being sent home.

Tyler said he was in the room with Shannon right before he was kicked out by Jeffress. The two had been having a fling all season, but in recent weeks Tyler and the rest of the house had come to the decision that they were not a match because the numbers never added up.

AYTO?5 is the 5th seasons of Are You The One? and was hosted by Ryan Devlin. The season was filmed in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and premiered on January 11, 2017 and ran through March 15. 2017.

Hannah and Ozzy very publicly and messily fell apart on the show, but there was some buzz that the two were hanging out IRL after filming stopped. By the time the reunion rolled around, though, they put that rumor to rest and confirmed their relationship was over. Hannah did have a brief fling with Stephen from season 4, and Ozzy had a flirtation with castmate Carolina after the show that had fans talking.

Who says you have to find love in the same season of AYTO? The couple announced their engagement on February 17, 2021. Not long after, Mikala explained why they kept the big news under wraps until the right time.

Moved on. The Truth Booth previously confirmed that Brett and Nutsa were a match, which garnered a celebratory response from their castmates. She felt her feelings for Brett were unreciprocated during the season and they called it quits.

The gold standard for AYTO, this season one perfect match has actually been married for over four years and has two children. Scarlet, 3, helped the couple welcome little sister, Serena, this past June. Oh, and they are actually the only perfect match (meaning they were paired by the experts FYI) that are still together post-show.

The pair had an immediate and deep connection when they met in the AYTO season six house and struggled to stay away from each other after they were both devastated to learn from the truth booth that they were not a perfect match. But Uche and Clinton stayed together post-show and he asked her to officially be his girlfriend during the reunion. In June 2020, the couple announced they were engaged. By September 2021, they were officially husbands and wife.

The season five pair were the second AYTO couple to welcome a child, with Gianna giving birth to their son August in August 2018. While they were a confirmed "no match" during the season, they reconnected at the reunion show taping in March 2017.

Let's get to Cam's perfect match, yeah? She quickly hit it off with Stephen during the show, but they had a rocky road to romance after learning they were a no-match early on in the process. They decided to date despite the experts' opinion and fans were shocked to learn Stephen had possibly cheated on Julia with Hannah, a season five cast member, during an after-show confrontation.

The season six couple was never a confirmed a no-match during the process, but didn't end up being each other's perfect match either after dating on and off throughout the show. Still, it was revealed during the reunion that they were together..and that Kareem had cheated on Alivia with Zoe Pugh post-show. However, Alivia admitted to texting with Keith Klebacher after filming, too. (Neither Zoe or Keith were their respective perfect matches either BTW.)

Though season five's Shannon had her heart broken when her cast became the first in AYTO history to not take home the $1 million prize (and she was partly blamed because she chose to stay with her no match Tyler O'Brien), she did end up finding love: She hooked up with season six's Anthony when they were introduced by Dimitri, also a season six cast member, who was trying to get with Shannon at the time.

Like I said, MTV hasn't said anything about whether or not Are You the One? will be returning for another season, but since it seems like casting for Season 5 took place this summer, it seems pretty likely that the series will come back.

And according to these tweets about the casting, it looks like the format of the show will be fairly similar to the four seasons that have aired so far. As the above tweet reveals, the show is looking to cast "20 hot new singles" yet again. It will also probably take place in a beautiful tropical locale where the contestants spend a lot of time outside, hence the need to "pack sunscreen." 041b061a72

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